Abhishek & Khushboo

Marriages are said to be made in heaven. This was proven true by the wedding story of Abhishek and Khushoo. Both of them believed in arranged marriage and hence wanted their parents to choose a life partner for them, though they had an imagination about their dream spouse.

The surprise was revealed when Khushoo was waiting anxiously to meet the person whom her parents have selected for her. As she looked up to see the person, it was Abhishek sitting in front of her. Though Abhishek was a stranger, Khushboo liked the humble nature and the way he was respectfully talking to everyone. Of course, Khushboo was beautiful and also self-dependent to impress both Abhishek and his parents in the first meeting itself.

The wedding was arranged a month later, and the couple was ready to start their new journey together. The Wedding preparations were on full-fledged, and the candid wedding photography was always there to capture every moment.

khushboo looked gorgeous in her Green Lehnga, and every eye turned to her. Soon, the ceremony started, and Khushboo became the wife of Abhishek. The wedding photography did justice in capturing the Haldi Ceremony, Mehendi Ceremony, food, decoration, the emotions of the faces and others.