About Us

As a wedding photographer, I know how important your special day is to you and the people in attendance. only when they understand this do our photographers look out for those tender moments that bubble up with emotion; capturing them beautifully on camera so we can give it back just as much love!

It’s important to find a photographer who will capture your wedding day as it unfolds, not just the highlights. The best photojournalists are those that understand what makes you and your loved ones feel intimate on this special occasion – because they know how much time these moments represent in life or otherwise pass by unnoticed when memories fade with time, so we work hard at documenting everything from meeting newlyweds after their vows have been exchanged all way until dinner reservations.

Rajesh Arya Photography has been running wedding-related businesses since 2010, when they first started doing photography. As the company grew with experienced photographers and editors on staff to handle all of their assignments, Rajessh found that it wasn’t just about capturing moments but also creating a setting where people could let down their guard–a sense his clients had confirmed for him many times over by letting Rajesh Arya Photography take pictures without knowing what was happening behind camera at any given time!