Bhawna & Sandeep

Sandeep was engaged in a research project in an interior village of Kolkata. She was in a team of many other researchers that was headed by a leader and his assistant. The assistant Bhawna was friendly to the team, especially Sandeep and often spent time with the group after work. The meetings continued even when the whole team returned back to the city after the completion of the work. They started meeting with a lot of formal and informal occasions, and finally, an emotional attachment started budding in between them and finally, it was the day when they decided to tie the knot.

It was a lovely private affair at a famous hotel in Kolkata. The decoration was of beautiful colorful flowers bought from Singapore. The bedi was decorated beautifully for the jaimala. Everybody loved the candid wedding photography of the Bedi and the arched entrance. Bhawna’s relatives danced at the baraat, and their snaps came out awesome. The wedding photography came up be a great show with all the events and rituals covered quite well from Mehendi to Sangeet to the sindur daan, bidai and others. The story of Bhawna and Sandeep though started on a professional way but came to be a beautiful one, finally.