Chintan & Rekha

Rekha shifted to Mumbai for her new job, and while settling in her new house, she came across Chintan, who helped her with her luggage and other stuff. Though the first meet was a normal one, soon, they started exchanging greetings now and then, whenever they meet each other in the complex.

Sundays became a routine for them to meet regularly in the church. Time flew by, and slowly both of them started getting attracted to each other. Soon, the church meetings also extended to movie theaters, coffee shops, shopping, dinners and so on. Finally, on a Christmas Eve, in front of both the parents, Chintan declared his love for Rekha and the parents too agreed for the wedding.

Preparation started, and one by one everything was getting set from the church schedule, the guest list, the wedding apparels, food, wedding photography and many others. The couple did not want the photography to be a normal one; they wanted the clicks to have a life. So, the candid wedding photography did the magic of capturing various lovely moments such as the bride coming out of the car, Chintan in an anxious state, the groom kissing the bride and others to cherish for a lifetime.