Jatin & Sucheta

She was his school time sweetheart, and both of them covered a great journey of hills and valleys till the time they arrived at this precious day of their life. After having a relationship of almost ten years, Jatin and Sucheta started dreaming about their wedding day.

The love affair journey was worth cherishing, and the couple wanted to make their wedding also a memorable one, and hence they decided to go for a candid wedding photography. The smile on the bride’s face, the important rituals, the preparations, the groom’s friends and many others can surely relive the moments after years also. The couple also had a pre-wedding shoot for capturing some special moments of their life before marriage.

It was not just a wedding of Jatin and Sucheta. It was a wedding of two cultures, as Jatin was Punjabi and Sucheta was a Bengali. Both were quite nervous about the combination, but to their surprise, everything was smooth and really fun.

The couple became happier when they saw the wedding photography, where they were surprised to see their parents gelling around with each other in different events and no traces of cultural differences were visible.