Ketan & Kanupriya

A wedding celebrates the union of souls. A sacred wedding opens the doors of a new life and welcomes several amazing surprises in life. One may not be talking exactly about a story of Romeo and Juliet, but still, the words of love go a long way in the story of Ketan and Kanupriya.

They happened to meet at their friend’s wedding and landed up planning their own wedding bonanza. When the couple disclosed their wish to marry each other, the family members got much excited as Ketan and Kanupriya were compatible with each other in every aspect, and the parents liked the couple.

The wedding took place in a beautiful lawn decorated with artificial fragrant flowers and theme accessories. The candid wedding photography was incredible as a memoir of the beautiful moments. The meeting ceremony, rituals, and bidai, all took place systematically with its emotional beauty and memories to cherish always.

The bride was wearing a designer outfit that enthralled the people present in the party. Even the bridegroom looked like a prince. The wedding photography was later on loved by everyone, and all the pictures had a story to say about the wedding. The special moments became even more special due to the way how they were being captured.