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Marriage Registration Process: Know The Complete Procedure

Marriage is a sacred institution, and it should be treated with respect. In Indian society, marriages are often lavish, with many guests and extensive celebrations. In the past, social weddings were often celebrated on a large scale to establish the legitimacy of the new bond. In 2006, the honorable Supreme Court made it mandatory for marriage registration in India. This safeguards the interests of either party. Although most Indian citizens are aware of this rule, they do not know the marriage registration process, and many of them are duped or taken for a ride.

After a couple is married, they should register their marriage in court to make it legal. The document issued after the registration of marriage, a certificate proves that the two are hitched.

Marriage Registration Process: Where to get the Certificate in India?

Online application is available for obtaining a marriage certificate.

Citizens of India can use the internet to apply for a marriage certificate. It’s a quick and easy procedure that people prefer. Not only does online registration save time and hassle, but it also eliminates the need for multiple meetings with a marriage registrar. The steps to online registration for a marriage certificate are quite simple:

  • Visit the official website of the state government from which the applicant hails
  • Search for the marriage registration form
  • Fill in the required details of both the parties
  • Click on the submit option. 

After completing the application, the marriage registrar will notify the applicants of a specific date and time slot for an in-person meeting. Applicants must arrive at the office on time and with all required paperwork. Two witnesses from either side are required at the time of the wedding, which will be conducted at a marriage registrar’s office. According to the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, the registrar will provide you with a date and time for your marriage 15-30 days after your application. If you are planning to go through with a special marriage under the Special Marriage Act of 1954, be aware that you will have to wait 60 days.

Marriage Registered Process: Where to Register in India?

In India, a marriage may be registered online. In all of India’s major cities, the service is available. The government must be accessed. The couple will get a call from the sub-registrar to come in and finish the paperwork. After filling out and submitting the registration form on the website, the sub-registrar will check all required documents on the stated date and time.

After the registrar verifies your information, you will be married. If people find the internet method difficult and complex, they may utilize offline registration instead. The procedure for this alternative is similar to that of going to a sub-registrar’s office in the jurisdiction where the social marriage was completed. Manually fill out an application for registration. After both parties have signed the required documents, they will be given to the registrar. If no objections are raised about the marriage in thirty days, the couple is provided with a marriage certificate. 

Note: if this marriage is registered under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, only a marriage officer has the authority to solemnize it. The process begins when the Notice of Intended Marriage is sent by e-mail or post by one party (normally the bridegroom) giving details as stipulated in Schedule 2 of The Act together with photo identification for each party and certified copies of Birth Certificate OR passport biodata page of proof of* of date birth, Affidavit is sworn before a Notary Public, OR Solicitor made in terms indicating they have known them for at least 1 year immediately preceding notice.”

Marriage Registration Process & Required Documents

The following documents are necessary to file for a marriage in the State of California.

  • Both parties duly sign an application form.
  • Date of birth proof- birth certificate, passport, or matriculation certificate. The male must be 21 years, and the female should be 18
  • Residential proof of the couple- Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, PAN Card, electricity bill, or Ration Card
  • A certificate from the institution is required if the social marriage is solemnized in a religious place.
  • ₹100 if the marriage is registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, and if it is registered under the Special Marriage Act, ₹150 should be submitted to the district cashier. The receipts for this payment should be attached to the application form.
  • Two passport-size photos
  • One wedding photo and invitation card (if already solemnized)
  • Both parties must affirm that they are neither related nor in any prohibited relationship mentioned in either marriage act. 
  • If any of the parties is a divorcee, the divorce decree should be attached to the application form.
  • Similarly, if any of the parties is a widow or widower, the spouse’s death certificate should be attached to the application form.
  • An affidavit stating the place, date, time of the marriage, marital status and nationality of the couple should be attached to the application. 
  • Two witnesses from both sides should be present at the time of the meeting in the sub-registrar office.
  • If the marriage is already solemnized, two witnesses who have attended the social marriage should be present at the sub-registrar’s office during the meeting.
  • It is to be noted that a gazetted officer should duly sign all the documents submitted.


The purpose of this article is to provide relevant details about the marriage registration process. Marriage certificates can be useful for several things, like applying for a spouse visa or joint ventures like purchasing a property. They can also be helpful in unfortunate circumstances, such as the death of a partner or divorce proceedings. Having a marriage certificate handy in these situations can make claims and proceedings go more smoothly. To get help registering your marriage online, go to

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