Pallavi & Rahul

Well, they are a Parsi couple who had met in Chicago on an official tour. Pallavi and Rahul liked each other and Pallavi proposed Rahul on the last day of their tour. The families of both Pallavi and Rahul decided to celebrate their wedding in the Parsi temple. The rituals were quite pronounced and clear. Rahul was wearing a white wedding apparel on the wedding day. She looked gorgeous and beautiful in front of the sacred fire. Pallavi’s parents arrived on time and both the families got involved in reciting the sacred mantras. After the marriage ritual, the couple took the blessings of their parents and family members. The best part is that all the incidents were captured by the candid wedding photography providing it a story like a feel.

The couple did not have much time on hand to celebrate their courtship, and hence they decided to go for a great photography session on their wedding day. The photographs were taken in such a way that made their wedding a memorable one.

Pallavi loves to see his wife Rahul in the wedding photography looking like an ornamented goddess. In fact, Rahul’s mother always calls up to get the main album to make copies for her friends and relatives. The photographs had been taken wonderfully by them, and the album was designed uniquely.