Prateek & Sakshi

Have you ever been to a Christmas party where you meet your dream partner? Parteek’s life took a fantastic turn when he met Shakshi at a Christmas get together at his friend’s place. They really enjoyed a lot at the party and came to know each other from that time. Shakshi was adamant to plan an arranged marriage when they met Parteek’s family after two years of friendship. They seemed to have common interests as Parteek always took her on the weekend for watching dramas and enjoying parties.

The wedding was a themed one and was arranged by Shakshi’s mother who happened to be a wedding creator and preparer. The wedding plans were made the next month with a lot of shopping and family get-togethers to plan the wedding. At the wedding day, Shakshi was looking stunning in her brocade and velvet outfit. Even Parteek had worn a lovely suit that was a designer ensemble. The candid wedding photography planned by her mother was a great success. Each photograph looked so real as if the wedding was taking place in the present. The decorations and the jaimala ritual showed excellently in the wedding photography. All the events were planned up in such a way as if it was story telling by the photographer.