Rohan & Sonam

A good love story can be referred to as the chicken soup for the soul. While looking at the relationship of Romeo and Juliet, one can say that love lasts until the end. Sonam was only five years old when she met her beloved friend Rohan at a birthday party in Kolkata in their locality. They were really enjoying at the party and became good friends while opening the khoee bag. After that, there was no day when Rohan did not accompany her to school.

As years passed Rohan finished his Ph.D. and joined a hospital, and Sonam became a school teacher. Their parents were good friends from the beginning. One fine day Sonam’s mother asked her to talk to Rohan about getting married. At the dinner party held at their family friend’s place, to Sonam’s utter surprise, Rohan himself proposed her for marriage by giving her a beautiful ring. She agreed, and the parents decided to fix the wedding date soon.

Along with the wedding, there were a few planned ceremonies like the engagement, sangeet and the main wedding day. To get memorable photographs, they arranged for candid wedding photography. The wedding rituals went on well with gorgeous decorations and surprise presents for the guests. In fact, the album that was prepared with the wedding photography as a memoir for the future was appreciated by all the relatives.