Ruchir & Heena

Arranged marriages have a very special spell in it. You decide to start your journey with someone whom you do not know completely. Hence, you have a lot to know and a number of roads to cross. Ruchir was introduced to Heena by the family in a cousin’s wedding. Both the families already agreed to the wish of the couple to get married, and soon Ruchir and Heena started planning about their D-Day.

Soon, the wedding preparations started and the wedding day arrived. It was a big fat Indian wedding with fantasy decorations, a huge number of guests, a huge variety of cuisines and the wedding photography. Weddings are always colorful, and what makes it even more attractive is a great photography. It is of course, important to capture pictures of the mandap, the bride, the rituals, and others to keep the memory fresh forever through the photographs even after several years of marriage.

The couple’s parents also wanted to have some pictures that can stay memorable; hence they also opted for candid wedding photography. It was a great album afterward to see the Ruchir and Heena talking in secret at the mandap, the dancing baraat, and aunties busy in the preparation of various rituals, and finally Heena’s moist eyes during the Bidai. It was an amazingly gorgeous big fat wedding worth remembering.