Shagun & Anup

Shagoon and Anup have an unexpected story that led to a great wedding. They met each other on a trip to Europe. Anup was there for his office work while Shagun out with her friends for a vacation. Staying in the same hotel, and coming from the same city of Delhi, both of them had many common things and hence started meeting quite often. Soon, both of them developed a liking for each other and decided to reveal their story at home to tie their knot.

On reaching Delhi Airport, Anup’s mother developed an immediate liking for Shagun. On way back to home his mother discussed the wedding plans with her and invited her for dinner. The marriage date was fixed on a thaka ceremony held after one week. At the wedding that took place in Delhi itself, the parents had seemed to have invited the entire family circle and friends. It was a widespread affair where Shagun was wearing a heavy ensemble, and Anup had worn a designer suit. The wedding ceremony took place beautifully. Shagun cried a little at the time of bidai but then settled in the car being a bit nervous before the journey to her new home. The candid wedding photography was a real success and always spoke of wonderful memories of their wedding.  The wedding photography captured a number of memorable moments such as where Shagun is putting some mehndi for the evening rituals and many others.