best pre wedding shoot

Shots We Recommend To Try In Wedding Photography

Shots We Recommend To Try In Wedding Photography

best pre wedding shoot

Photography is the beauty of life captured in a shot. Its the heart and soul of any occasion. Its the story you fail to put in words. Talking about occasions nothing can be more special and auspicious than your wedding day. Your wedding photography should be just as perfect as your wedding day. This day is special both for the bride and the groom, so to give them life long memories each and every part of the day should be well captured in a shot to be preserved for lifetime. Specially for the brides this is day they have dreamt all their life to make everything look perfect, but in all these preparation sometimes wedding photography is ignored. Every aspect starting from the 1st day of the wedding to the last day from jewellery to dress to the customs everything should be clicked.

So lets get started with knowing more about getting those perfect shots on your wedding day.

1. Capture your bond with your favourite person: 

Its your wedding day why not make it go your way. So yes pick favourite and get clicked, candid photography will go very well here, it will reflect your true bond with them. No you don’t   have to pick only that one person you can have individual shots with all your loved ones. You will definitely cherish these solo pictures to remember your beat day.

2. Capturing the beautiful decor: 

Capture where your beautiful moments took place. These days there are personalised details   which are added to the whole decorations like the hashtags of the bride and groom so your wedding photography should always include those shots to be adorned for lifetime.

3. The very famous twirl shots: 

How can we forget the famous twirl shot done by the bride and the bride maids. This is the best way to capture the bridal attire. It captures a candid photography without even going for those boring old wedding poses. It will capture your smile ans poses in the most natural way.

4. A cute candid photography with both the bride and groom: 

Wedding photography can’t go without these cute pictures of the bride and groom depicting their love for each other. You can have a picture of groom picking up his lovely bride or the groom lying on her lap. These are the beautiful pictures which shows the best photography of the day.

5. The hair and the make up shot: 

It all goes with the blink of the eye, but yes we can capture it all from the costume to the hair and makeup shot. It should be all taken with the little details. It will help you relive your day again.

6. The bridal entry and the vidai shots:

These are the full of emotions shots which have to be captured in its full emotions. All eyes adore the beautiful bride when she enters the space, some come in palki, some come holding the hand of their their best man. It should all be captured in a very natural way.

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