Welcome Your Wedding Guests With These Amazing Tips

Wedding guests literally add life to your wedding. Which is why it is inevitable for you to make them feel special, well served and cared about? One of the most suitable ways to do so is by giving them a heart-warming welcome that leaves a lasting impression on their minds. So, if you are already dreading about how you’ll welcome your wedding guests and make it a memorable affair for them as you did with your wedding photography, stress not coz we’ve got you covered! Right here, we’ve enlisted super amazing welcome ideas for your guests. Give it a read and make the most of it!

Tell your Designated Wedding “Team” to Welcome Guests

Although your parents will instinctually welcome guests, it’s important to have your team (siblings, a maid of honor, bridesmaids, cousins etc) officially welcome guests. It will make your wedding weekend that much more welcoming and guests will feel like they are a part of all the events rather than feeling like guests.

Welcome them with folk performances

If you are planning your wedding around a theme, say Rajasthani or Punjabi, the best way you can keep up with its essence and win over your guests alongside is by including some folk artists performing for their welcome and candid photography. Believe us, it works wonders and your guests will definitely love it! If not even a theme, then dhol is a classic way to welcome your Shaadi atithis.

Serve delectable welcome drinks

What could be a better way to welcome your guests than with a refreshing beverage? Just set up a drink station at the entrance or get some Indian flavored drinks like aam Panna & jaljeera served at the entrance to give your guests a pleasing welcome at your wedding. Also, don’t forget to add new and perky ways of serving drinks at your wedding.

Family Gifts

Family gifts are usually customary for Hindu weddings. There are certain gifts for married women, other ladies, gifts from the bride’s immediate family to the groom’s immediate family, and more. The more thoughtful the gift, the more memorable the gift will be to your recipient.

Greet them with sandalwood tilak & rose water sprinkle

Add a cultural & ethnic touch to your wedding and welcome your guests by sprinkling some rose water and applying sandalwood tilak on their forehead as they enter. Sandalwood paste & rose water make for a great combo and hold spiritual value in Indian wedding scenes and Candid photography.

Welcome Bag

A welcome bag is a nice way to provide your guests with some treats and information for the weekend in a fun way. You can give welcomes bags to your guests when they check into the hotel for the weekend or even at your first event. Either way, the welcome bag is a great opportunity to be creative and fun in your own unique way as you have with wedding photography.

With Dhols & Nagadas

Ditch everything fancy and get those desi dhol-wallas & drummers on board for a dhamakedar guest welcome. There’s nothing that can set the vibes right for your guests than the beats of the dhol & nagadas.

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